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Monday, December 16, 2019

packaging system

The RE-TRAY is a patented combination of well known materials which are being used extensively in the packaging industry. Each material has exceptional characteristics, but it can not be used exclusively to provide a reliable box made of this sole material. RE-TRAY is an excellent packaging box because it makes use only of the positive characteristics of the material from which it is made.

It has the exceptional resistance of plastic boxes and the elegance of paper one's.

The different materials are connected firmly, without any glue or metal staples.

It is available in various sizes.

The RE-TRAY packaging system in the reliable Green solution; it is the solution of the future, because the use of RE-TRAYs decreases the consumption of paper up to 65%.

The paper surface allows printing of the trade name of the packaging enterprise and of all those data required by national and Community directive.

The plastic sides are identical and can be used by any packaging enterprise. They require a minimun space of storage in Super Markets.

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