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Monday, December 16, 2019

Covering most of the geographical regions of Greece

Our customers cover most of the geographical regions of Greece, like Peloponnese, Central Greece, Thessaly, Crete and Macedonia.

The company’s rural products are mainly addressed to companies and centres involved in the wrapping / packing of rural products, cooperatives, markets’ and producers’ tradesmen. Thanks to our new industrial products, our customers’ boarders have been widened to new markets like those of bakery, pastry-making and drink-bottling (refreshments – water – juices – wine – beer).

Some of our customers are:

  • Athenian Brewery
  • EPSA
  • LOUX
  • Frigoglass
  • Chitos
  • IDEA
  • Stergiou Family
  • Karamolegos - Industrial bakery

Coming from Greece nd Europe

Our suppliers are mainly international houses from Italy, Germany, and other European countries, but Greek Oils is also a major supplier for our company.